About Garage Rewards

Reward Yourself.Earn gear for the things you do everyday.


What is the Garage Rewards Program?

You get rewarded for your loyalty. It’s as simple as that.
Welcome the Federal-Mogul Motorparts Garage Rewards program. This online loyalty program is designed exclusively for technicians and shop owners who use and recommend our products. Your Garage Rewards points are redeemable for hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and other gear from the brands you trust.

It’s FREE to join and you don’t have to purchase anything to be eligible for the Garage Rewards program.

How To Earn Points

Attend training.Take an online class.Refer a tech.Write a product review and more!

  what you can do*

Activity Points* Max.Point Allowance  
Gurus Onsite 1,500 (Per full day of training)
7,500 ( 5 days of training)
Find a Course  
Gurus-On-The-Go 500
Promo code required upon registration  
Product Reviews 250
2,500 (10 reviews)
Coming Soon!
Join Garage Rewards 250 250 (1 enrollment)
Join Now
Complete Surveys
250 2,500 (10 Surveys)
Must be enrolled to view surveys
Gurus Online
100 1,500 (15 online training sessions)
Register for Online Classes
Refer a Technician 50 1,500 (30 referrals)
Must be enrolled to refer a tech
Sharing Products/Promotions on Social Media 25 750 (30 shares)
Find a Product
Updating Contact Information 25 50 (2 updates)
Must be enrolled to update your info
Garage Forum
Join Forum 250 250 (1 Time Award)
Visit the Forum
First Forum Discussion 250 250 (1 Time Award)
Visit the Forum
First Forum Reply 250 250 (1 Time Award)
Visit the Forum
Becoming an Elite Tech 1500 1500 (1 Time Award)
Visit the Forum
Community Engagement Award 250 5,000 (20 Awards)
Visit the Forum
Hot Topic 250 2,500 (10 Topics)
Visit the Forum
Top Contributor 750 750 (1 Time)
Visit the Forum
to the Forum 5 1,825 (365 Sign Ins)
Visit the Forum
*Maximum allowance of 15,000 points may be earned per calendar year. View Maximum Points for max allowance by activity during calendar year.


Earn 250 points when you join today, plus:

  • Receive exclusive promotions
  • Learn about new ways to earn points
  • Learn about new training opportunities